This page addresses typical questions on RaSCSI Control.

Device overview
Where can I edit the device groups saved in the device overview?
Like all other groups the groups saved in the overview can be edited in the device groups view. Loading an saving device groups in the device overview is offered mainly for convenience. The device groups view provides more means for editing device groups.
Device types
Can RaSCSI Control hide device types I am not interested in, e.g. SASI drives?
Yes, you can select the device types taken into account by RaSCSI Control in theapp settings.
Device profiles
When creating a drive based on a device profile, does the image file size have to match the drive capacity?
No, this is not required. Only when a capacity is entered in the edit field RaSCSI Control expects the size of the image file to be identical with this capacity. After choosing a device profile the data in the edit fields can be modified before creating a device. The device profile is just a template.
Can my own device profiles have the same names as the standard profiles?
Yes, this is possible. In this case your own profile reṕlaces the standard profile of the same name in the profile selection.
Device groups
How can I make good use of device groups?
A typical use case is a scenario with several computers. In most cases for each computer you need a different set of peripherals. Just create a device group for each set.
Image files
Why are some image files missing in the list of available files?
Files may be missing because a capacitiy was specified for a device but the file size does not match this capacity. (Entering data in the capacity field is optional.) A file is also not displayed when it is already attached to a device.